If you are looking for a ring, whether it’s a dress ring for that special occasion or engagement & wedding rings, then look no further. Whether your budget is £100 or £10,000, we will be delighted to welcome you, and you can be assured of our professional advice and uniquely personal service.

We stock rings in all metals, from titanium to platinum, diamonds and precious stones of all shapes and sizes, engagement and wedding rings, eternity and dress rings.

Our wedding rings are all English made and range from plain court or flat design to diamond set bands. We also carry  a large selection of men’s wedding rings.

There are countless jewellery sites springing up on line offering diamonds at low prices, but how do you know what you are buying?  A diamond needs to be seen for its beauty to be fully appreciated. The only way to buy a diamond is buy using your own eyes, try one on, compare it to others and then let your heart decide.

Call in to view our extensive range – you will be spoilt for choice. We will be delighted to guide you through this journey. After all, these rings are for life and the decision making process should be a truly pleasurable experience which we look forward to sharing with you.